Crosswinds at KNUC

Everyone head over to KNUC! Crazy crosswinds now! Maybe this will be CC 2.0 lol. Submit your landings and I’ll grade them out of 10 lol.

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Hopping in to check it out. I can’t fly though!

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Is it still windy down there?

No idea, better go check it out.

I would, but my iPad’s offline. :( 10 kts isn’t that challenging! :D

Yeah, you should’ve seen it earlier, 25knts crosswind.

Sad I missed it now… :(

I did a quick 360 around the airport and landed. It was pretty fun. 25kts cross wind with some pretty good gusts. I enjoy landing in single player with 50+kt cross winds.


Same here. I just spawned, they are gone. :/

You missed them!

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I know… ;(

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