Hey, so I am currently in the middle of a flight from LAX to SJC, and I am having to fight a 50 knot crosswind. But, I looked up current weather charts, and there is very little wind recorded IRL. Anyone know why I am getting 50 knots in the sim?

Did you double check that you’re looking up the current wind for your current altitude?

Wind speed can vary greatly between the surface and aloft

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yes, I made sure I was looking up the right altitude.

What is your current altitude and nearest airport?

nearest airport is KNLC, and my altitude is 10,500. I was at 15,000 when I was experiencing the 50 knot wind. the wind is now at 25 knots.

50 knot wind is correct according to current reported wx

okay. I must have been looking at some older data then.

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