Crosswind takeoff in IF

Why it’s so sensitive? I noticed when I take off with the F-14 I have to use half rudder and lots of elevator to maintain centre line. Is this still a thing at newer planes?

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I would suggest using a lower N1 on takeoff with the F14 in crosswind situations. You’ll maintain greater rudder authority down the runway. Then, once airborne you can break the wire and get out of town.


But isn’t the faster you go the less wind factor would be?

Yes and no.

In this situation, accelerating slower means that the effect from x-wind will be less severe. Which will give you more time to make the appropriate correction with your rudder. Try departing at around 80% N1 (just for dramatic dofference) and see how it works

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I use 80% N1 and this happens to me. Maybe try 75 next time.

Could you elaborate on what speed you are at when you rotate? I think you are taking at a speed that’s too high.

See: for vspeeds (You might need to skim through the pdf)

I liftoff at 183 KIAS, so I start to rotate at 140 and the nose comes up at about 150 to 155 KIAS.

I use about 60-70 on the F14 for takeoff and it does fine in crosswind

That’s way too fast for an F14… A 737 could take off at those speeds…

Maybe it’s because I am heavy or I rotate a small angle, but the plane just stays on the ground.

Could we have a video of your take off? That would help us visualize the issue.

hold on, IF doesn’t allow videos


It depends on the device your using, if your on IOS just swipe up and click the screen recorder. Use this if you need help:

I’m not sure for Android…

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Alright, just a couple of notes what I would have done differently:

1)Takeoff with flaps 10. Once airborne, bring them to flaps 5 for the climb out. You lose stability by fully retracting your flaps at a relatively low airspeed.
2) Use your rudder earlier. Anticipate the crosswind effect and compensate for it.
3) If you use your rudder earlier, you wont have to use so much aileron to try and stay on runway centerline.

I used to use 10 degrees of flaps, but I took away. It can only handle 225 KIAS so I just rotate later with wings forward

That could pose an issue. Once you get above 90 KIAS, I add back pressure. Im not expecting to rotate at that speed, but it outs me in a position for be able to come off the ground at the first possible opportunity, meaning I can have more control of the airplane. You’ll end up rotating at around 160, bring your flaps to 5 and then continue the climb out.

BTW What is your N1?

Around 95-100, like yours. I think your control inputs were a little to big, adding to the instability. Im on a flight right now or I would show you. Ill record one tomorrow

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See what you think @ERAU_Hatsune