Crosswind Story? what's one that you may have experienced?

This was a while back and there was ATC in Key West, if I’m not mistaken crosswinds were up in the 20’s to 30’s first time around I almost ate it so I went around second time I landed and slid right if the runway as if there was ice there, of course I’m in a connection aircraft like Crj-700 or ERJ-175, have you ever been tossed around in a connection aircraft?

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The CRJ is very wind sensitive and especially takeoff rolls are a nightmare. The EJet is another thing as it keeps its front wheel off the ground for ages during touchdown and thus creating lots of wind interference potential


Yeah for real!

I find the CRJ difficult due to the relatively narrow main gear situation. I guess it makes the jet more liable to dipping a wing on the ground, which is where I struggle.


Yes I understand.

A trick that I use to not have this happen so if the winds blow like this >>>> than I land a little bit right of the center but once when I was a noob in 2018 I landed on a runway on causal server and just completely started Tokyo drifting on to the taxiway and immediately thought of DEJA VU I BEEN TO THIS PLACE BEFORE

Welp, one time I tried flying from mexico city to los angeles, joined training server, and the wind no joke was at 999 knots. My plane took off in the gate without the batteries even turned on. And continued happening for like another day. Might be a glitch.


Who else uses the autopilot heading feature to sometimes assist crosswind t/o? If you’re lined up on the RW and activate the autopilot heading before roll out once you begin to lift off and assuming you manage to keep the nose straight with delicate rudder control, as you gain elevation it is much easier to restore the rudder to neutral and maintain the RW heading. Without the heading setting switched on it’s easy to veer way off the RW heading and end up fighting with the rudder or horizontal. Thoughts?

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I don’t see why we shouldn’t make use of heading hold on takeoff if it helps…I’ll give it a try, thanks for mentioning it.

I think its rudder really, on this simulator at least, that has the most impact .

My rule of thumb that works I find is this : use the wind arrow in the status bar, and just before lifting off when you see the wind starting to impact on the directional control, then pull the rudder in the direction the wind arrow is pointing…

So if it’s pointing at 5 o’clock, then a fairly small pull on rudder to the right . If its at 3 o’clock then a stronger pull to the right…if its at 7 o’clock then a small pull left, 9 o’clock then stronger pull left etc etc.

I know this seems counterintuitive in relation to standard crosswind techniques, but in my experience with IF it is the weathervaning effect with the nose turning into wind that needs the most correction to stay straight.

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I took off in a gusty 23knot crosswind in a CRJ-700 at KDCA. Despite how hard it is to fly the CRJ in crosswinds, I actually managed to takeoff safely without veering too much or losing control of the plane. Once you practice enough times, flying the CRJ in crosswinds becomes very easy and fun.

I was in a A350 last night and at one point i had 150+ knots of crosswind over brazil, landed safely into Madrid this morning :)

This was a few weeks ago, I was coming into Dubai from Cairo and it came to the point where I was at final approach let’s just say I managed to touch down in the landing zone even though I was a bit to the left of the runway threshold I managed to land it with enough runway remaining and I had to land manually because of the fact that I was over MLW.

I did a 3-4 hour flight from KORD to KMIA and I wanted to land an a red runway, and when I touched down, I veered off the runway and crashed. The plane was a 767.

Any un reworked plane is hard to land in a crosswind

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So uh Im in a light aircraft being delivered to Calgary 737 8 no passengers for the Boeing VA as well and lord help me Calgary is crazy with Winds so trying to butter there is a real struggle especially with the 737 8 and I had a -335 I think

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