Crosswind question

Good day to all pilots and ATC I’m currently open at Melbourne and the winds are at 19 knots with Runway 16 having a crosswind and 27 having a crosswind what kind of operations should I use while controlling to provide the best service to my Pilots🤔 I was thinking Runway 16 for all Heavies and Runway 27 for all non heavy aircraft

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I think that you should use whichever runway points most directly into the wind.

If that runway is too short for heavy aircraft, you can use a different runway (still try to make it point into the wind)

Any more questions, I would be glad to answer! :)


RWY16 is in use IRL. Also the METAR from 0830Z (not sure which one IF is currently using) gives a surface wind from 180°, which would be absolutely fine for RWY16.

Edit: Sorry for the late reply, only checked the time stamp after posting.

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