Crosswind / Pattern Work Practice

Hey, could you move this to #live and create a group flight, please? I could help you by the way

Explain how I does that please?

Edit the topic category to #live.

So, you mean to practice crosswind landings or flying pattern work?

Done it for ya

And to create a groupflight, use this topic:

Yes sir just wanna get better at visual n gps app so I’m not always turning to appr/ils

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I don’t want group flight? Just an ifatc member that would be willing to help :(

So you mean GPS approach.

Sorry man, IFATC isn’t allowed to open at random airports

Noooo I know what airports Are open don’t want no trouble with that I know that you can only choose them jus I wanna practice :(

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I guess and vis

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Guarantee I sound like a absolute noob

If you’d like to practice, I’d say that the training server is better forthat

Inexperienced atc that f around n mess everything up :(

I can help with it, I’m pretty good with ATC.

Wait u can help me 🥺

Yeah man, I’ll DM you

If you need an IFATC member, I’m available. Send me a PM. :)

Here’s the tutorial on how to fly a GPS approach.

Here’s how to fly a visual approach.

I hope this helps!