Crosswind limits

I just recently took off from BWI with a 16 kts crosswind with a A319, it almost blew my plane off the runway. I was wondering what are the crosswind limits for specific aircrafts?

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They can be anywhere from 15 (for wet runways - not applicable to IF) to 50. A quick Google search should provide the crosswind limit for your specific aircraft. More information can be found in the article I have linked below.


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The crosswind limit for the A319 should be at around 35KTS I believe. And for other aircrafts I believe there are online resources that can help with that information. I personally use Brainscapes to get info like that.

Hope that helps!๐Ÿ˜Š

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For the A319 itโ€™s about 30kts! Gentle rudder inputs really do help. And tilting the aileron to the wind.

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Do they apply to both takeoff and landing?

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Yes same for takeoff and landing. I can link the crosswind tutorial if you want?

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I believe so! Like as been earlier mentioned, gentle rudder inputs help a lot.

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Thanks alot!

This is the takeoff tutorial just give me a sec to find the landing: - Takeoff - Landing

@AdamCallow what did you test the A350 at, 75kts crosswind?

Must have been an interesting approach ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

Something stupid like that yeah. That was with 2 engines. Perfect landing, canโ€™t share the video with you guys, but the beta guys can agree, it was perfect.

I think I made it down with 85ks with Number 2 shut down.


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