Crosswind landings

I had strong crosswinds yesterday while landing at FortLauderdale Executive airport. It was a pretty bumpy but beautiful flight. I wanted to share the views with u


These are some great photos!


Amazing photos!
I hope you enjoyed your 500 feet passes along the coastline. I love the ability to go that low (over water), it leads to some great views!!

Crosswind looked pretty intense, I remember how early on in my training I wasn’t able to make these landings, so I booked some time in a simulator and practiced for an hour (with my instructor) and now I’m able to make these super fun landings.

Looking forward to seeing more photos!

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Another South Floridian! Awesome! I live near Fort Laudedale! Great photos!

Nice 6 pack

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Crosswind hits Florida man’s plane, so he hits it back.

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Thank you Diego, Very cool.

i am our friend in orange now dont flag

The 500 ft flyover was definitely great! Very enjoyable flight to take some great pictures… but yeah the crosswind was intense but I loved it ! I love flying on bumpy days 😀

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That’s great bro! Thank you !

Thank you brother

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Great photos! KFLL is my home airport and it sure is awesome!

Thank you bro! Yeah KFLL is beautiful

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Why withdrawn I don’t get it

Nice pictures, looking forward to seen some more in the future 👌

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Nice crab 🦀 :)

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Thank you brooo

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I will! Thanks for the support bro

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