Crosswind Landing

Whether you’re facing a wicked crosswind straight across the runway or a light breeze just off the nose, your technique must be correct and precise! In this tutorial I’ll show you the two main crosswind techniques, the crab method and the wing low method.

The crab method will be your go-to in any airliner as it’s less forgiving if you land in a slight crab. Light aircraft can use either, though the wing low method is preferred if you haven’t learned to time the crab method’s “kick out” above the runway just right! Join me at the controls of a B737 and TBM as I walk you through both.

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Pro-Tip: Turn off Auto-Coordination in your Infinite Flight settings for the best crosswind operation results


Very helpful tutorial. Thank you!

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@Tyler_Shelton I still struggle with this one, I can’t keep the nose of the aircraft on the centre line

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This takes practice! Make sure the crosswind component is within your aircraft’s tolerance, trying kicking that rudder a little early to bring the nose down the center and ensure your aileron inputs and correct and increasing once on the ground as you slow down. 🙂

Feel free to send over a replay file via PM!


I learnt a lot from the video, thank you @Tyler_Shelton great help! :D


Is there any method that is better generally or is it situation dependent?

I would check out this “tutorial”. While it’s for real life it does apply on game and it helps a whole bunch. Give it a read!


I like less flaps with speed Crab approach till 300-400ft, just then things straight out almost on there own.
Definitely can be frustrating and at times thinking you’re doing it all wrong. Practice does make perfect, like said in the post.
Every bit of information helps.