Crosswind Landing

What is the best weather settings for an average crosswind landing for an A380?

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I do not know what a “normal” crosswind landing is. However, if you are looking to improve your skill, try starting off with a 5 knot crosswind, then go up in increments of about 3-5 knots afterwards.

With the “heavies” you’ll likely not notice anything below 10kt. I learned this when I began flying the A330 after having flown the A32X series 90% of the time. I’d suggest start at 10kt and work your way up to 15-20kt. Once you get the hang of steady state crosswinds toss in 5-10kts of gust. I’d also recommend using the A330, DC10/MD11 or 787 loaded up to MLW (max landing weight) as the physics on the A380/747 are a bit out of whack compared with the rest to be honest.

I don’t have pro atm and won’t have it for a while

Ok-see my first paragraph there for wind settings

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