Crosswind landing without HUD

Landing on infinite flight in a crosswind, all ok, I’ve mastered it. But in a real plane, how do they know the exact direction the plane is going toward the runway. On infinite flight line up the circle in the HUD. What do they use in real life, I see,they don’t use hud

I would say it’s a lot of practice I mean pilots have so many training hours before they start flying…


It will be on their PFD (Primary Flight Display) and their ND (Navigation Display). :)

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Many Aircrafts also have those HUD as a Transparent Display they can use. dual-hud

HUD is just the short form of Heads Up Display

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You can also use the indications in the PFD to help you follow the runway, as the green square has to be aligned with the purple line (as far as I remember, but I can’t access my IF pictures right now, so please correct if wrong).

Also the ILS information (Localizer and Glideslope), do really help with getting the plane safely on the ground.

In the end as others said before training/experience is the key here though.

Reference to the A320family instruments:

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