Crosswind landing tips without FPV?

Just now I made two go-arounds at YBBN while attempting to land in a 20 kts final crosswind and ended up landing on the short runway instead. I can read the ILS and stuff, but without the FPV I find it super hard to actually stablize. Does anyone hauve tips regarding crosswind landings without FPV (or A320 cockpit view)?

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Check this out. You have to turtle last minute and line yourself up with the runway about 15ft above the runway


I wish I could give you a more useful answer other than practice, practice, practice, but that really is the best way. Head into solo mode, pick an airport you like, and set custom wind conditions to create a challenging crosswind and keep trying. Eventually, you should just get the “feeling” of where the plane is heading in your head without the FPV.

Crosswind landings still get the better of a lot of us, just take a look at me - grade 4 and still pretty rubbish if I’m honest. Patience is key.


I know that already. I can make a crosswind landing when FPV is on.

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UI and HUD make Infinite Flight INFINITE FLIGHT - I really hope that future updates will never remove them (like other flight sim). They have displayed the HUD off in cockpit view bu default whereas I would like it ON (or my choices memorized).

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I am turning off FPV on purpose

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Then the only thing to do is learn. Know the winds, and practice…

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Land with your nose facing into the wind:)

One thing I think about is just to keep your mass flying straight down the centerline all the way down final… No matter where your nose is pointing, keep the sight picture of the runway in the middle. The rest comes with practice but definitely try to get that upwind wheel on the ground first.

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