Crosswind Landing Question

Dear Infinite flight Community and Aviation Experts,

I’ve been on expert servers for a while now and I sometimes get landings off center line but their ALWAYS smooth. Usually this generally happens when it’s 10+ kts of wind. Usually I just rearrange the rudders to point me centerline once I hear “10” with no Aileron deflection. Sometimes that works but other times it doesn’t work based off how the wind wants to Show off. I watched the Tutorial from Tyler in the crosswind landing tutorial, but personally I don’t feel comfortable dipping my wings into the wind at 10 because I feel like I’m going to have a wing strike. Normally I don’t put to much of my wing into the wind so I know I won’t have a wing strike but I just don’t feel comfortable. I’ve developed this new Technique that I would of course crab the Aircraft into the wind with my rudders, BUT at “30” I would rearrange the Aircraft to point Centerline. Obviously if I start to drift off centerline I would kinda put my wing into the wind to kinda get me back on centerline. I feel comfortable with this technique instead of what Tyler showed. My question now is that too high to rearrange your Rudders in a crosswind or do I maybe need to rearrange at “20”? Can I have an expert to answer that question or someone who can give me an accurate answer? :)
I also have a list of 3 Questions I would also like to be answered below :)

Question 1 - Would you Generally use the crab Technique for big aircrafts? (747’s, A350’s 757’s etc…)

Question 2 - At what winds would I use the Crab Technique? (10+ winds, 14+ Winds etc…)

Question 3 - Is Rearranging the Rudders to point me centerline at “30” too high, and do I need to start doing that at “20”?

I’m still a young Teen educating myself because so want to Thrive to become a Pilot when I grow up! I know that it’s ok to ask questions or help on your Journey because it’s a Learning Process! I will not be embarrassed because I might not know something another pilot or all pilots should know. :))

Thank you for your time!!

@Captain_Ian ;)

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From what I understand they just kinda stay wings level and when they are about to touchdown they kick the rudder to get on center.

(So yes they crab)

If its severely pushing you off center, then you would. Not really a set number though.

Depends on the aircraft and sensitivity, for heavies I would say 50’ and for lighter jets maybe 20’-30’.

Hope this helps!

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Just to add on! I also feel like rearranging the rudders at “10” doesn’t feel comfortable because if you don’t do it in time, you may end up veering off the runway. I don’t want that to happen either.

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  1. Crabbing is a great technique it works from a Cessna 172 to the A380.

  2. All winds weather 1kt or 20kts the wind determines how much you crab. Do enough to keep yourself on the centerline.

  3. I would start at 15-10 feet but whatever works for you.


Thank you so much for a detailed response!! :)

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Thank you for your Quick and detailed response!! ;)

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hello! if you’re a visual learner you could watch the youtube tutorial that infinite flight posted on their channel about crosswind landing

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Hey! Thanks for the feedback but I said In my topic that I didn’t like how Tyler did the landing. I just feel uncomfortable doing my landings in that way. Thanks for trying to help! :))

I really don’t know if rearranging ur rudder at 30 feet’s its way too high because I use the technique that Tyler shows in the video tagged above. The recommendation that I can give u is that u should hop in Solo Mode, set the winds and everything and just keep practicing and seeing how the airplane responds to ur inputs at different altitudes.

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That’s what I was going for! Thanks man!! ;)

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Ur welcome bud

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Hey! I practiced for a bit in solo mode and I think that I get much smoother and definitely more efficient when I rearrange the rudders at “20”. That gives me time to smoothly adjust the rudders without having to jerk it at the last moments to prevent drifting off the runway. In the end, everyone has a different and efficient way of flying. I just seem to have a different way with crosswind landings! Have a great rest of your evening! ;)

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You as well! Glad I could share my strategy :)

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