Crosswind Landing Experience!

What was youre worst crosswind landing experience and what happened lets share each others stories would be nice to hear😁

Are you perhaps talking about Crosswind Landing where you come in at a certain degree of diagonal angle, when you approach the runway?

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I was flying a TBM930 off the coast of Japan, landing at Miyakejima. The approach I was on goes SSW, and my poor TBM was facing WSW.

I had a 50 ish knot crosswind 5 miles from the runway. Luckily, it died down to just 28.

70Knots crosswind in Tokyo with a 777-200ER

When I was about 17 years old I was still working on my instrument rating in a Piper warrior, when I got in a Cessna 152 to do some pattern work at night to stay current. ( 3 take offs and 3 landings requirement.
After I took off decent crosswind which was ops normal, I came back around for my 1st landing. Night time, crosswind at KBED rwy11 left traffic. The wind was from the front right, requiring right wing down and left rudder. Perfect main gear touchdown until I lowered the nose wheel and the aircraft snap turned to the left. I almost went off of the runway. Luckily 150 foot wide runway saved me.
What had happened was the nose wheel strut hydraulic fluid leaked out after take off. The strut never extended out so the nose wheel steering never disengaged. Needless to say I saved the night landings for an other night.


Wow! Who owned the aircraft? your flight school?

Yes. There was an entire fleet that I flew. I also worked there for a discounted training rate.


105 knot landing at Pensacola in an A321

Flew during the hurricane in the Caribbean pre-global. Winds were gusting from high to higher, and even in the 787 I couldn’t pull off a successful landing. That was the last time I crashed on multiplayer lol

I especially prefer and like winds with gusts. This experience is invaluably great.

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I know how to approach the strip in crossword, but I don’t know how to touchdown safely, I always spin out after touchdown

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