Crosswind Landing Competition

Welcome to a 3 Round Crosswind Landing Competition

ROUND 1 Entries will be available until March 31, 2021 @ 23:59Z

To enter, submit a replay with 1 landing attempt at the specified airport in the specified aircraft. Once entries close, the entries will be compiled, and voting will become available in early April, 2021.

Top 50% of scorers will move onto round 2 where the winds get stronger, and the plane gets larger.

Gamemode: Solo
Landing Airport: FACT Runway 01
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800

Weather Configuration

  • Visibility β†’ 50 km
  • Wind Direction β†’ 75˚
  • Wind Velocity β†’ 35 kts
  • Wind Gusts β†’ 40 kts
  • Turbulence β†’ None
  • Temperature β†’ 27˚c

Other Rules

  • Submit your replay by replying to this topic with your replay link which can be obtained by using this website: Share My Infinite Flight
  • Please submit a screenshot too showing that all weather configurations are correct once you’re on the ground!
  • Have fun! This is a friendly competition! Winner gets bragging rights!

Sounds like a fun idea!

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This changes nothing. If the wind gust isn’t over the velocity then the tree will be no change

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Thanks for pointing that out. Updated!


Challenge accepted!

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I can barely land in 11 knot crosswinds XD

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I will do it !

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Alright it might be a little glitched because the app crashed at the end of it but here it is!

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Would a screen recording of the landing also be acceptable?

A replay is preferable so when the landings are compiled, all touchdowns will be at the same angle.

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Challenged accepted! Here is my 1st attempt of the landing

Weather settings screenshot-


Weather settings:

There is my greaser and here is the WX screenshot

Weather configuration:

4 More Days to Enter!

just did it, gonna send it in

3 more days to enter round 1

I PMed it a while back, did you get it?

Yes! thank you!

Today is the final day to enter the competition! All entries must be submitted by 23:59Z!