Crosswind controls

Hi guys. I hope i’m not missing something. But every time i take off or land particularly with a small aeroplane into crosswind a have to push aileron in the same direction as the wind not against the with as you normally do. Also noticed the plane tries correct itself so maybe there is some inrferrence . Would be nice to make that kore realistic so crosswind is more real and we can practice our skills. Maybe even some emergency landing challenge perhaps… ;)

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Here is a really good video that Mark did about crosswind landings.

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The simplest way: uncouple the rudder and ailerons in the settings. Then when you take off, simply use the rudder as you would in real life with your finger. The nose of the aircraft will try to turn into the wind (as the flat surface of the tail is catching the wind) so you gently turn the rudder away from the wind to keep the aircraft settled.

It takes some practice, but you get used to it. The only exception in IF is on small aircraft like the C172, SR22, once the crosswind component is around 10 knots and above, it’s too strong and even the maximum rudder input isn’t enough to hold the aircraft on the runway. It’s something that needs to be fixed.

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Ailerons into the wind with opposite rudder works great in real life; however, the rudder mechanism system in IF isn’t very realistic. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give a realistic rudder response. It wants to set a swinging motion for some reason.


Completely missed that setting soo embarrassing! Thank you guys for your help 👍🏻

Couple of nice instructional videos

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