Crosswind Arrivals and Departure Plane Spotting at Amsterdam Schiphol!

1) Planespotting at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

2) Server: Solo
Time: Morning
Airlines: Swiss🇨🇭, Air India🇮🇳, Turkish Airlines 🇹🇷, KLM Dutch Airways🇳🇱, Qatar Airways🇶🇦, Singapore Airlines🇸🇬

3) Photos


Cool photos my favourite is the Swiss A321 :)

The KLM one is nice

Nice pictures! My favourite is also the Swiss one🇨🇭

Yea that one seems to be the best :)

Wait how were you in Solo plane spotting??

Nice photos I like the A380’s

Hehe I’ll never tell :)

I’m hoping to renew my global subscription to get some REAL planespotting, so keep an eye so keep an eye out for that TvT

Sometimes I just do it myself

Nice photos!

It’s KLM Royal Dutch Airlines ;)

Sorry XD
Made that mistake for the last time…

Haha, no problem. Great photos once again!