Crossing the Tasman in a Cessna!

Hey Everyone!
Today, @Chris_Hoss and I did the unthinkable - we crossed the Tasman in a Cessna!
We conducted the flight in two freight c208s and it took approximately 4hrs and 50mins.

I think we are the first to do this… perhaps a new IF record?
In all seriousness, it was an enjoyable flight. Queenstown sported great views as usual, even though it was pitch black.

Note: I would’ve done this is in the c172 but IF reckons the maximum flight time is 5 hours when simbrief said it would take 7 - this is something to try for the flight back :)

Here are the pics:

Picture 1:

Prepping for departure in Hobart

Picture 2:

Lifting off out of Hobart!

Picture 3:

Reaching cruise altitude as Australia becomes a distant memory

Picture 4:

I can see mountains!

Picture 5:

Passing over Queenstown airport

Picture 6:

Conducting a standard runway 23 approach as I turn onto final around the mountains

Picture 7:

Wheels down in Queenstown, 5 minutes before the 10pm curfew 😬

Picture 8:

A 5 hour flight comes to an end as we unload our freight

Please note: in some of these photos the brightness has been adjusted so you can see the picture.

Thanks for checking my topic out!


Awesome! Great pictures!


Amazing stuff.

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nice pictures, i loved it

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