Crossing the Atlantic

Hello guys, so today, we have decided to fly to an airport that I’ve never flown to, since I started to play Infinite Flight since 2014. This airport is located in Texas. Houston, named as George Bush, United’s 3rd biggest hub. We will take United Airlines, Boeing 777-236ER down to the destination. Enjoy the pictures

Props to the Controller at LFPG for managing busy Paris Charles de Gaulle.

Holding short runway 08L

V1, Rotate !!!

Frequency changed approved, CS-REN, good day 👋

Hello home 👋🇬🇧

Is that you, Canada ?

Hello Houston people

Touchdown with gusty winds up to 23
Landing rate -36

And this is where we end our journey. Our flight was calm as usual, we did a step-climbing from FL360 > FL380 > FL400. Our flight took 10 hours and 48 minutes. 20 minutes late but we still managed to get to Houston, safely. Thanks for enjoying my pictures and hope we see each other in the sky, brudda.
Take care and peace ✌🏾


Nice shots mate!

Lovely Shots!

Thank you bro

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Appreciate it 💪🏽

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I absolutely loved the rotation shot, and for your information, -36 is the Boeing customer code for British Airways. The B772 in IF, N795UA is a B777-222ER as -22 is the Boeing customer code for United Airlines. (You will also see -24 suffixes on certain UA aircraft if they were formerly operated by Continental Airlines before the merger.)

Keep up the great work!

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yoonaited nice pics :)

Ah Ok, I always get confused with the suffixes and all that. But, thanks for correction, also, thanks for liking the pictures.

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Thank you brother