Crossing the Atlantic

Hey all! I was wondering is there a strategic way to cross the Atlantic in a GA aircraft. I was thinking along the lines of stopping in Iceland or Greenland to refuel if anybody has a smarter idea pls drop it below!

The TBM can make it all the way accross


Where is your departure and final arrival airport? I can map out good stops to stop and refuel for you.

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Take a Citation X :p

In all seriousness, you can easily cross from Newfoundland into Europe with a TBM.

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TBM is your best friend here

OP in this topic, who flew around the world in a TBM, used KBOS BKBW EGCC route across the Atlantic

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The routes established across the atlantic focusing on short range GND based NAV are called “blue spruce routes”, you may google this term to find a suitable GA route :)

I was thinking of doing KLGA-EGCC

You can stop over at St. John’s (CYYT) and/or Shannon (EINN)?

The traditional routes for piston aircraft are either Bar Harbour to Goose Bay to Narsarsquaq to Reykjavik to Wick, Scotland. You can also make your way up through Quebec to Iqualuit to Nuuk to Kangerluusuaq to Rekjavik to Wick. Honestly it is up to you to which route. Keep in mind these are for really small planes like the Cessna Skywagon or Beechcraft Bonanza. If you are in a TBM you can eliminate a lot of these stops

Just a friendly reminder, winds will have a major effect in this circumstance…

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