Crossing the Atlantic with an A321

From Baltimore to Munich with an A321

Hello everyone!

Some minutes ago, I arrived in Munich after I departed in Baltimore. It was a great flight as I was not flying a widebody aircraft but the A321. Many people don’t know that it can nearly fly 10 hours which is absolutely stunning! now imagine doing this with an A321neoXLR ;) There were moderate to severe turbulences, especially over the Atlantic, but the aircraft remained stable at any point of time.

  • Aircraft: Airbus A321ceo
  • Airline: Generic
  • Route: KBWI - EDDM
  • Duration: 7h 24mins

Here are some pictures I want to share with you!

At the gate in Baltimore

Takeoff into the clouds

Cruising altitude: 33,000ft

Blue. Blue. Blue?

Descending with the sunset

50 40 30 20 10 5

Parking position

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and comment down below if you’ve also flown over the Atlantic without a widebody aircraft?


You can fly pretty long in the a321 in infinite flight. A while ago I flew it from Amsterdam to Los Angeles non stop. Nice photos!


Really? It normally takes around 11-12 hours to get there but the A321 is only capable of flying 9h 46mins I think.

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Nice! I once flew KFLL to LPPT in an A319 in 07:30

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Sounds great!

I flew with around 35 pax and 4000kgs of cargo. I’ve used step climb too, that would help too. Your range is way better with step climb I think.

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