Crossing of runways that intersected

In this situation, please tell me how to cross the runway(When I am controlling ATC).

Cross runway A…


OK, thank you for letting me know.

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Aircraft ready for departure at runway A, (callsign) Line up and wait Runway A, The other aircraft crossing (callsign) cross runway A, once he has passed the hold short line, (callsign) runway A cleared for take off.


I see the right answer has been posted already, just wanted to say, nice graphic lol


I got it, thank you.

Are you including all the line up and wait/departures just to confuse him? Because that’s exactly what you did to me.

All he has to do is: “Cross runway A” 😂


You dont want another tenifre disaster again do you??

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This is quite the hot spot when it comes to runway incursions. In order to cross there you would need permission to cross all 3 runways. The 4s at PHNL are already close together which also doesn’t help runway crossings. If you are crossing runway 4R the first hold short line is for 4L and the second is for 4R if you were going the opposite way when crossing the runways. I just explained it briefly but here’s a full article on this topic:

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There’s no plane on departing/landing on any runway, it’s impossible for there to be a “disaster”.

That’s a different HS, Jay, but easy to see why it’s such a disaster.

I believe he’s referring to HS-2, where aircraft exiting 4R left are holding short of the intersection of 4L/22R and 8L/26R.

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I actually really like the graphic that you decided to include up on the very top of this thread!


For the intersection you are talking about you would still have to cross all three runways. There is no room to stop in between the hold short lines.

To conclude here, you have to cross both 4s and can’t hold short in between them. On taxiways K and E you must cross all 3 runways, and finally taxiway D is the only taxiway in that section were you could cross the 4s and hold short of 8R.

Thanks for letting me know Tim!


Just clear to cross whichever runway is active, duh

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Eventually, which answers are correct? I don’t understand. I only wanted to know the correspondence in the situation of the first picture.

Just tell them to cross either one.

  • Exit left cross runway 04L and contact ground

In real life you would be told to exit on a certain taxiway and given instructions to cross both, but for IF just choose one. There is no right or wrong answer.


For IF I would choose the runway that’s farthest away, implying that an aircraft is also cleared to cross the in between runways


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