Crossing a runway

If I want to cross a runway and I’m crossing in the middle of the runway what runway do I tell them I’m crossing?

Runway crossings are always determined by the active side in use by traffic, independent of your position with respect to the runway :)

Hey there! You would look at the meter and that would tell you the direction of the wind and then you see the runway that is closest to the wind and that would be the runway you are crossing. As that runway would be used here is an example

You have runway

9R and 27L

The metar says 200@12KT

Runway 27L would be in use thus you would announce crossing runway 27L

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This is with Unicom if IFATC is present then you would look at either the D-ATIS or you would request runway crossing in which the controller will tell you which runway to cross

The ATIS will tell you in witch Direction the Runway is open. And this will be the Runway you request to cross.

Hope this helps!

Thank you everybody!

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