Crossair MD-81 McDonalds Livery (converted MD-83)

Before I tell you what you need to know, I know the MD-81(DC-9-81) is an aircraft we don’t have and that Crossair is no longer an airline (merged into Swiss)

This McDonnellDouglas MD-81 “Delivered new to Swissair in 1991. In 1996 conversion to MD-83 and sold to Crossair. Flew a McDonalds Livery. In 2002 taken over by SWISS”.


This livery is very rare and diverse not just to Infinite Flight but to the world. This company is internationally recognized and to see it being flown just completely changes the game of special liveries. I hope you like it!


I believe this will result in a similar conflict as the ANA StarWars 787-9. McDonalds’ logo is copyrighted. Would love to see it too, but may not be added :/


This is one of my favorite special liveries! I’m lovin’ it!


I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this, it’s just so perfect!

It’s a nice aircraft too.

Yes!!! Please. Btw, can anyone remember the Pepsi livery on the Concorde? I love these kind of special liveries

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lol Mc Donalds like MD

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Looks great!

I’m lovin’ it! ;)


Copyright :/

Idk if copyright will be an issue. We have NFL liveries on the 717 and the NFL is as strict as they come on usage of their likeness without consent.

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Not a fan of the company, but the livery looks great

If McDonalds has a problem with it, then that’s dumb because it’s more advertisement than anything else.

Im more a Burger King man myself , but as @Noroftheair said I’m sure McDonalds would love the free advertisement.

Maybe IF should put that on the Dollar Menu :)

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Yeah and up size it !

Now this is a perfect way for McDonald’s to get more live. Let’s make a plane like a giant billboard in the sky and have it say McDonald’s. I love that idea.

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Ikr it’s great advertising! While flying a great aircraft!

I like the color involved.