Cross the Pond

Is there going to be a cross the pond “event” this year?

I don’t think there’s plans for a cross the pond event this year in Infinite Flight

Nothing has been said about this if it will or won’t happen so it’s totally unsure. Infinite Flight team member Misha Camp is in charge of events and I’m sure he’d be glad to hear that you’d be interested in seeing another one of these events!

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I assume you’re asking because of the VATSIM one tomorrow? I’d say it is unlikely as it is a ‘VATSIM thing.’

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I have attempted to do this and it got as far as the final planning stage. I cancelled it for several reasons, one of them because I was worried that most people would go AFK trans-Atlantic and if you’ve seen a VATSIM CTP, you need to be at your plane at all times to respond to any necessary ATC instructions (ie speed changes)

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