Cross the Pond

Do we do a cross the pond? Like Vatsim each year they do one eastbound and westbound. If not, would it be a good idea?

Sorry what are you asking?

wish I did play VATSIM

Not that I know of, but you could definitely start one


Good idea. Ill just wait and see what other people say

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Just know that many of us here don’t know what a ‘cross the pond’ is. And this includes me 😊

What about you create a nice Event for this, make sure you explain what it is, sell the idea and invite people to join. Sometimes you just need to do it. Who knows, could be fun.


Popular saying during WWII and the early jet age from Europe to US travelers… but he could be on a different subject…


I’d like to know more about this! I wish we had vatsim though

Sounds like maybe an event?

Bascially there is event airports in some European countries and some in America. Where bascially one time of the year you fly westbound and the other time of the year flying eastbound over the atlantic.

These are big events on the PC flight sim world where VATSIM ( simular to our IFATC) co-ordinates a large fly out from several European hubs to several US based Hubs over a weekend. Then 6 months later they hold a reverse (ie US to Europe).

Simular to the current FNFs when long haul routes are planed, accept its over a full weekend rather than just a Friday.

Thanks for the better definition

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i do somehow get the event began, what airports would you like to see? It is normally out of 5 airports on each side of the atlantic.

European Airports
EGLL (Heathrow)
EHAM (Amsterdam)
EDDF (Frankfurt)
LFPG (Paris CDG)
EDDM (Munich)

American Airports
CYYZ (Toronto)
KBOS (Boston)
KJFK (New York JFK)
KEWR (Newark)
KIAD (Washington)

Say below which airports you would fly between

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I like the idea you’ve put into this, it shows your interest for aviation and the community!

I’d actually fly out of all these airports, I’m a commercial flyer, and love flying out of airports all across the globe, whatever the size or place.!

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As an addition, or maybe a change, suggest that KLAX is added into the mix for some longer flights. Also I enjoy the approach when flying in from the East

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