Cross The Pond

                                     Cross the Pond
                                     Infinite Flight

So, as many of you will know the Vatsim Network hosts an event called the Cross The Pond, alsow known as CTP.

                                     What is the CTP
  • the CTP is an event where ATC issues a few airports in europe and controlles there for about 2 hours (sometimes longer)

  • from these airports everyone starts a route over the ,POND, ( atlantic)

  • soon after everyone has departed the ATC switches to locations in North America and Canada. to ATC everybody safely in.

  • Before Starting everyone books a slot so that the departures are organized

                                   My  Intensions
  • Create a event wich funktions like this

  • either it is supported by IFATC or we do it on Training server

  • about 2 weeks prior to the event people can sign up to the event in a tab / form / website. This form includes all featured airports, everyone puts in their desired airports and if not full / booked out they will have a time at wich they should aprox. be ready to depart from said airport and alsow have a ruff idea of theyr TOD ( top of descent).
    The day of the event ATC starts contoling and people start to depart, along the routes there is also ATC included at places like ( EIDW BIKF …) once everyone has departed there is a wait and after a few hours ATC starts to pop up at the airports featured in the event.

  • Not enugh IFATC for Expert server

  • Training server speaks for it´s self ( people doing things they arent suposed to)

  • When doing the event on training server more people can join ( more hecktic)

    I am very aware that this has been tryed several times but in my eyes it would be very nice to have this event.
    Please feel free to contact me on this topic and talk about it, maybe we can get something like this roling…


excuse the spelling mistakes

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I don’t understand what this is for.

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Something called fun :)


Yes, but what is the purpose of it?

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You do a longhaul with lots of people and have ATC along the way

I can volunteer for ATC if you do TS1.

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Is this a group flight?

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What is TS 1 if I may ask?

Its in #live:groupflights for a purpose…

Yes sir, it says so in the discription

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TS1 means Training Server.

Ah ok, yea we will see about that I am going to wait a bit for peoples reactions but thanks anyway, I will contact you if we do it on TS 1

Sounds good. I can take tower and ground or approach/departure. Doesn’t matter to me. However you should pick 2 specific airports to takeoff and land from. If it is on TS1 do not pick EGLL, KLAX, KJFK or anything like that. Try your best to take smaller airports like EGKK, KEWR, etc.

Yea, we would feature a couple for departure and a couple for arrival

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I can help you set this up if you want. DM me.

Unfortunately this topic belongs to #live:events not #live:groupflights.

A Group Flight is a Short Event involving than one person in the period of less than 3 hours. You even stated in the topic yourself that this is an Event, not a Group Flight. There is a mistake somewhere here.

To try and create an event properly, follow the rules as follows ( just for the information ) 👇

Reasons to why this topic does not belong to a Group Flight. 👇 ( Please Read )

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I wasnt trying to create a event yet, just wanted to hear peoples oppinion on the matter

Also, please make sure you have the correct title

Any suggestions? I dont quite know what you mean

You can create an event at any time and any moment. Please take a look on the topic I stated above. This should help you out a little. 🙂

Anyways, I really like the Idea, not only involving pilots but also the ATC’S across the Atlantic Ocean. Make sure to state exactly which airport we should all depart in if you would make an event. Thanks.

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