Cross the pond

Most of you maybe now that in vatsim they have every year two cross the pond events. Eastbound and westbound. There has been few small events by community members but i think we need official cross the pond event. Maybe in the form of friday night flight? And maybe it would be better to organise the event on expert server.


We have had a FNF where KJFK and EGLL we’re open and we crossed the pond. You may also create an event for a pond crossing.

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Okay i wasnt in the community then i think

I don’t think that’s the OPs intention. He was asking about the possibility of an official “cross the pond” event


There was this “Core-6” event a few months ago that had like 150 people crossing the atlantic from JFK to LHR. That was a good one.

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Then 3 weeks later we went from Amsterdam to Toronto with another 180+ people. ;)

The OP knows these types of events exist, but he’s looking for an official one, by FDS.

would love to have something like this. How about from ORD or MIA? Those airports are not generally so busy in IF but are in real life.

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