Cross The Pond Type Event

I was thinking of hosting a Cross the Pond type event, where we have flights from coast to coast (Across the Atlantic) and back. Please let me know what you think, as I have a website lined up and all!

How it’s gonna work
  • Depending on how many people will join and ATC, we will be taking off from major East Coast US airports
  • We will be landing in Madrid, London, Amsterdam, and Paris
  • We will need lots of ATC and people to come, I want this to be the biggest event in Infinite Flight!
  • Yes, lets have an awesome Cross the Pond event!
  • Nah, that might be too busy for me.

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In mother Russia, the event is too busy for you…


I think we most likely will, so maybe you could go into detail on the event and maybe make an event topic?

Kind Regards!

What are you thinking?


Please include something like that to.

All done! There will not be a specific set choice as a pilot, but I will provide flight plans for all airport possibilities.

I actually already talked to staff about this idea a while ago and it’s going to happen as an official event in the future. Similar to Vatsim’s annual cross the Pond event.

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Awesome! I’ll talk to the staff and I can help with the logistics. Thanks for the info!