Cross the Pond @ENGM @LSZH @EDDM 101000ZAPR20

Cross the Pond / CTP 2019

 What Aircraft?
 - Any that is able to do a long haul.

 What Route are we flying?
 - We are flying following routes : 

ENGM - CYVR (Oslo - Vancouver)
ENGM - KPDX (Oslo - Portland)
ENGM - KSEA (Oslo - Seattle)
LSZH - CYVR (Zurich - Vancouver)
LSZH - KPDX (Zurich - Seattle)
LSZH - KSEA (Zurich - Seattle)
EDDM - CYVR (Munich - Vancouver)
EDDM - KPDX (Munich - Portland)
EDDM - KSEA (Munich - Seattle)

When are we flying ?

- We will be departing from **all** airports at 10:00 am **ZOLO**
  Saturday the 20th of April 2019 ( 20 . 4 . 2019 )

What server will we be flying on Training Server ( TS1 )

we will be flying over the Atlantic Ocean next Saturday.
Anyone wanting to join feel free to do so, we will be flying from Oslo Zurich and Munich to Seattle Portland and Vancouver. If wanting to Fly you can add yourself to the list below, this will help us to see how many people are flying from where :

you will have to scroll down and add yourself to the route you want to fly …

Most of us will be flying the routes but feel free to cross the pond as you wish …

There will also be a demand for ATC service at the airports :

ENGM 10.00 am
LSZH 10.00 am
EDDM 10.00 am

Also feel free to ATC along the way at places like ( BIKF , … ) ( APP) .

The Flight Time will be about 10-12 hours.
so ATC will be needed at :

CYVR 22.00 - 00.00 Ground / APP ZOLO
KSEA 22.00 - 00.00 Ground / APP ZOLO
KPDX 22.00 - 00.00 Ground / APP ZOLO

Please add yourself to the list if wanting to ATC so that we can see wich airports need to be staffed by us.
Please only add if you are free at said time and are going to ATC.

ATC list :
you will have to scroll down a bit and then you can add yourself to the desired airport.

If you have questions feel free to ask me.


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