Cross The Pond Eastbound 2020 - Infinite Flight Edition


As you may know, the VATSIM Network for PC Simulators hosts a biannual Cross The Pond event - where hundreds of pilots across multiple simulators fly from coast to coast. A great reason now to do this in Infinite Flight is thanks to the newly added NATs (North Atlantic Tracks) and the Center frequencies which will ensure an organised journey.

The event will take place at the end of October/beginning of November (in line with the VATSIM event), we will be flying East across the Atlantic from the Eastern Seaboard to Western Europe - and the event post will be published precisely 30 days before in line with the category guidelines.

However lots of preparation is needed for an event like this so:

In the next few days: I will post a poll asking which airports people would like on each side - there will be roughly 5-6 winning airports for each side.
July: The poll will take place - and I will be bumping it occasionally to get as much support as possible
31st July @2200Z : The poll will close and the winning airports will be announced
August/September: Planning the event (the longest step)
Late September/Early October: The event is published on the forum
12-24 Hours Prior: I will post the routings for each route.

I really hope you (and potentially some American and European VAs) will support me in helping make this a great event.

NB: The Airports chosen for this event will not likely be the same as the VATSIM airports as they do not announce the airports until early October.


This looks like a lot of fun and could be a huge event! Wish you the best of luck, I will be looking out for this!
Happy Flying :)


Thank you very much.

Will definitely help you!
Let me know if you want help!

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Sounds good, let me know if you need help with anything

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If I need help with anything - I will definitely request it.

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Oh no! I’ve been working on something really similar 😂 I’d nearly finished up too. Oh, well, looking forward to doing this! Looks great!

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I have just discovered this - I searched up on Google if there is a date for the Eastbound event on VATSIM and look what the top google result is:



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