Cross the Pacific(YSSY-KSFO) @ YSSY- 220200ZMAR19

  • Aircraft and Livery: United or Qantas (787or 747 from any livery)

  • Route: Sydney to San Francisco

  • Time of Departure: 0200Z

  • Server: Expert

  • Additional Information

This is going to be a 13 1/2 hour flight. We should be landing at about 1530 Zulu time.
If you would like to come just comment!

Sign me up is it ok if I sleep some of the flight?

Just a recommendation, this event is taking place on Friday, meaning that the FNF will probably take many possible members away. Maybe you could try moving the date to Saturday the 23rd.
I’m sure many more people will join!

(Also, it’s MAR19 not MAR18 [year is 2019])

I have to go to work on Saturday so that’s why I’m doing it on Friday. And thanks. Idk why I keep thinking it’s 2018 😂

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Makes sense!
Neat event, unfortunately I can’t join.
Enjoy your flight.

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Yes it is totally fine. I will be asleep too for part of the flight

will you join or no? @United_1154

What gates

I am at 1-51

Ready ???

depart 16R @Sashaz55

Here’s the problem. Tomorrow morning I plan to fly SIN-FCO for the FNF event. Only two hours later I would have to attend this event. So that’s two 13hr flights in a row with a two hour resting period for my IPad. Then after the flight to SFO(If i join) I have an air show on IF to attend. So maybe I cancel tomorrow’s flight overall or go for a shorter route. It’s all mainly to not overwork my IPad, that’s all. Otherwise, I possibly may join tomorrow.

this event is right now… @United_1154

Oh. Well then I can’t join.

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What speed ?

@Sashaz55 FL 330 250/310/85

Going to sleep now be back in 8 hours

mach 0.85 it seems like you were going to slow

Hello good morning 😃

I have to leave because I have to go to school but it was nice flying with you! @TylerShah