Cross Runway XX and Contact Ground ATC Command

Fellow members of IFATC understand one of the biggest struggles of splitting Tower and Ground control is the high number of frequency changes required when an aircraft needs to cross a runway. The worst part of splitting, is remembering to send an aircraft to ground frequency following a crossing. That’s why we need to combine the cross runway command and the contact ground frequency. Here’s what I mean:

Here’s what we have now:

Take a look at I-DRUM. He’s requested to cross runway 9L on the Tower frequency. Tower has cleared him to cross, and I-DRUM read back the clearance. Then, I-DRUM is told to contact ground.

I-DRUM has required too much controller attention, as does every aircraft who requires a frequency change following a crossing.

By combining the two commands, we could have something like this:

I-DRUM, requesting permission to cross runway 9L
I-DRUM, cross runway 9L and contact ground on 121.90
Crossing runway 9L and contacting ground on 121.90, I-DRUM

By combining the cross command and contact ground command, we can greatly reduce controller workload, avoid forgetting to send the frequency change message following a crossing, and increase realism.

Shoutout to @Drummer for helping me out with this!

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Thanks all! Your votes are appreciated!

I agree, this could be great for IFATC Too

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But In the exit runway command you can say cross runway xx and contact ground.

Definitely a good request for airports like KSEA, KLAX, etc. I don’t have any votes left but great idea!

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Just voted I see this is something needed.

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Yes but not always. Sometimes they need to hold short. And other times the runway they are trying to cross is far from the runway they came from.

So only if you missed the exit runway command this would be needed because if you did do the exit runway command it says contact ground?

No. If they need to cross a runway, and need to switch to ground

I don’t understand if you tell someone to exit the runway it will say contact ground so there will be no need to tell them to contact ground again if they crossed the runway.

There is. Say an aircraft exits the runway and contacts ground. Then they ask to cross another runway, and they need to switch back to tower for clearance. Then tower will cross them and send the plane back to ground

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Oh that makes sense.

Thanks guys!


Ok now I understand thanks for explaining it to me I voted this will help a lot!

Absolutely! Let me know if you have anymore questions. Thanks for voting!

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