Cross Region Flights Available?

Firstly, Sorry if this has already been asked, I am wondering if I can go from KLAX to San Francisco? Is this possible? Im fed up of doing Short Flights, i have 100% Standing and over 30,000 XP and almost 40H Flight time.

Thanks ;)

No. It is not allowed. Check IF T&Cs if you want. It also causes some sort of ATC bug

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Yes, ikr but i think the problem they mau have but correct me if im wrong that that would be too much for some platforms i think?

@MarshallRotar San Diego and LAX are in the same region.

Thank you, Everyone :D

If they could combine regions they could include SoCal San Fran and Seattle

I think it would be awesome if you could travel between regions. My suggestion would be that in order to fly to a different region you have to fly to a specified waypoint at specified altitude (much like ATC), then the second region would “load” with the aircraft at a specific waypoint and specific altitude. I imagine the remaining flight plan would have to be entered.

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