Cross European Adventure

Here is some photos from my cross European adventure from Egypt to the United Kingdom.

Route: Cairo-London Heathrow
Aircraft: BA 777-200ER
Server: Expert
Flight time: 4 hours and 21 minutes

  1. At the gate in Cairo Egypt

  1. Time to blast off to FL400

  1. At cruise flying over some beautiful mountains! Gorgeous!!!

  1. That flight went by way too fast, we are already on right downwind for Runway 9R into Heathrow

  1. Smooth touchdown!!

  1. At the gate in London.

Hope you all enjoyed the flight, as I surely did! Let me know down below what your favorite pics are, and some feedback on how I can get better shots!



Wow amazing pictures.

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Thanks! Iā€™m glad you enjoyed them.

Great pictures! Lots of scenery changes and a really cool flight on the B777 :)

Thanks for sharing!

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Great pictures and amazing scenery!

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