Cross-Country in the XCub

Currently planning an IF trip across the US in the XCub, starting at JFK and ending at either LAX or SFO. I was wondering what airports you guys would recommend stopping at along the way.


Not exactly an airport but you should go via The Eastern Oregon, Idaho and Wyoming area. Amazing scenery there.


Just go up north around the Rockies. Like @Tsumia suggested, Montana and Wyoming are great!


Well, I think you should make sure to stop at smaller, GA airports. There are many “hidden gems” all over the country, waiting to be discovered by a small plane like the X-Cub! Also, instead of starting at JFK and ending at LAX, I suggest you begin and end at a municipal airport, just like a X-Cub would in real life!


Elevation may be a problem. I would say go south. Grand Canyon?

Definite landmark there. Best to just go everywhere in an X-Cub.

For one thing don’t fly an xcub from or to a large high traffic international airport unless it has a small remote runway that doesn’t require you to cross an active runway heavily used by commercial air traffic to get to it. Examples are KSLC, KOAK, PHNL, KMIA, and CYYC. Smaller international airports include KMSO, KGEG, KEGE, KPAE, or KCAE. Don’t use airports like KSFO, KLAX, KSEA, KATL, and especially KJFK.

A cross country trip could be like, KPAE to KOSH, just follow to the valleys through the mountains until you get to the plains, I have done these sort of trips several times with the Xcub.


Good advice, but I think it would be a fun challenge to fly around busy areas with a GA aircraft, but I might start at a satellite airport like LaGuardia to be in that environment without adding to the often packed JFK airport

Keep in mind that many hubs won’t allow the cub. You can look for ATC, but don’t get your hopes up when trying to land at KLAX during peak times.

Best of luck in your journey!


Since in the real world, unless the aircraft has declared emergency, an commercial flight always has priority. They have much much more people on board that need to be places and since GA aircraft are so much slower they are likely to inconvenience and slow commercial traffic, if any. And large airports likely don’t have much GA services and their runways are much longer than needed for your type of aircraft. So if there is commercial traffic around, you can go to these airports, just be sure to be respectful and always give priority because if you are in front of them you are going to slow them down or even make them go around.

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