Cross Country Flight (KLAX - KBOS) JetBlue A321

Today I flew from Los Angeles to my home town of Boston. It was a long flight with not a lot of interesting scenery since we went over the northern United States.

Airplane: A321
Airline: JetBlue
Flight Time: 4:54

Getting ready for pushback with a JetBlue A320 right behind me.

Retracting the gear after taking off from runway 25R.

Banking left over the Los Angeles area with Hermosa Beach in the background.

Flying over Las Vegas McCarren Airport at FL 310.

Flying over the nothingness they call the northern US.

Passing over the gigantic Lake Michigan.

Toronto in the distance over Lake Ontario.

On final for runway 22L.

Starting to flare very late.

Parked at the gate at Terminal C. Very fun flight. I would definitely recommend it.


Nice set of photos :)

Thanks so much!

Thatโ€™s funny, because McCarren is my base at NKVA. ๐Ÿ˜‚

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Good shots!

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