Cross country Flight KADF-KPBF-KJBR-KLIT-KADF

Decided to take a cross country as a one off our flight school lessons. The flight was 4.4 hours long with multiple strips along the way.


Amazing pictures! That second one has gotta be my fave

Thanks. Flying and sunsets are awesome

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Amazing shots! Love that cockpit shot too, but 2nd one must be my favourite

Thanks. It was even cooler in person too see

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Great picture of the lake (second one)

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Love the sunset photos, the landscape looks so beautiful there! I like the collage of yellow and green paddocks.

Thanks appreciate it.

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Great pics. I was in 3 of those 4 places this week.

Really what places were you at. Should have stopped and said hi

Pine Bluff, Little Rock and Arkadelphia. Didn’t make it to Jonesboro. I thought you flew out of KSRC? My parents live in Sheridan, so I was there spending some time too. I think they actually have a little strip now too.

Really I go to school in Arkadelphia. As this was a school flight but yes I fly out of KSRC

That’s cool… I message you next time I’m in town, maybe we can get together for lunch or something.

Yah next time you around let me know. I’m pretty close to most of those places.

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