Cross Country Expierence

Hello community:

I want to share an experience I had today when I was on the first leg of a three leg cross country. I was 3/4 of the way to my first stop, Walnut Ridge Regional Airport (KARG), when I noticed a slight pull to the right. I checked all of my gauges and noticed that my left tank was almost empty. You might asked how could it be empty? Well, our flight school flies older Maule Aircraft and they tend to that. Well, when I noticed that, I texted my CFII and asked what to do. He told me to either let it drain completely or to throw on the boost pump and switch tanks. So what did I do? I threw on the boost pump and switched from both tanks to my right tank to even out the fuel flow. It fixed the problem, but I still had way more in the right tank then the left.

Pictures of the flight(s) will be in the next topic


Well, I’m glad you are safe!

Are you allowed to text people while flying?

Interesting story. Was it extremely difficult to handle the plane with the difference?

Yes as long your not in IMC conditions


Not really. I just had to input a lot more right rudder than I was use to. Let’s just say after that landing my right foot was hurting

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Under VFR, I think you can operate electronics so long as they don’t interfere with your ability to fly. Either way, it sounds like the instructor was okay with it!

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It was a solo cross country. Somewhere in part 91 it talks about electronic devices but I texting him and asking him what I should do about it since I hadn’t experience that before!

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Boost pump on switch tanks, keep the pump for a bit and see if you have fuel pressure and bam your golden

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