Cross Atlantic, from France to...France :-) with a TBM930 -Screenshot-

Hi all

Since a few weeks, I was dreaming about making an intercontinental flight with TBM930. The trick is that this plane has not the capacity to make the 2000 miles trip between Europe and America. So I had to find a way ;-)

To honour this fabulous plane I took off from Tarbes LFBT in the south west of France where is seated one of the Daher Facility. The spawn place I choose is DAHER-SOCATA ramp :-)
I put max fuel (890 kgs) and just one pilot, no passenger no cargo… Let’s Go!

Take off with gorgeous view on the Pyrénées Mountain

Following Spanish coast, over beautiful Bilbao city

And then, finally…The sky the sea and I… alone in the big blue for many miles!

This is the trick, I flew to Azores Island, in the middle of Atlantic.

Landing at Flores aerodrome LPFL with 20 minutes left in my tank :-)

Making a quick refueling on the border of the runway

And off we go again, taking off straight away from Flores

And finally after 6 more hours… Reaching Saint Pierre et Miquelon. Small French Island on the north east of America.

And final Landing at Saint Pierre Pointe Blanche Aerodrome LFPV with 80kgs of fuel left (and my daughter pressuring me so I had to expedite the approach, you will notice my speed…)

Hope you enjoyed!


This flight idea is so great! I also want to make this flight, but I didn’t have time for that…
Also great pictures!

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Thank you so much…I should add that I made a first attempt but application crashed 20 minutes before landing in Azores :-(

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The pilot looks like a karen not gonna lie

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Very intersting and fun flight!

Txs, I was looking to do similar things going to “Crozet” Island near south pole, but no aerodrome there…

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Great photos, and an amazing flight! I wish I had time for something like this, it seems really interesting!

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I was thinking you’re going to stop in Greenland.

Well, as cruising require no specific monitoring, I am usually managing to make my TO + climb and then I am regularly checking my ETE and adjusting speed to have an arrival in atimeslot where I am available again. So in fact out of the 13 hours trip it is taking me Something like 2 hours…

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