Crop Duster

Here’s a picture of a crop duster that was dusting by my house a few weeks back. I have videos but they won’t upload so DM me if you want to see those. :)


nice crop duster.

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Yeah, lol. Not really sure what aircraft it is but one guy on Aviation All-Stars said it was a PA36 I think.

Pretty cool!

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Yep, people from the city have probably never seen a crop duster in action. Luckily I see them in my backyard.


beautiful pic!

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Thanks! :)

You mean PM or DM is the word I don’t know, lol

Oh, just message me privately, lol.

Looks like some sort of Air Tractor?

It looks like it’s PA36 but Air Tractor is a very popular brand too.

They look quite similar to be honest. I’ve got no clue haha

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