Croatia Airlines to order A220s

Croatia Airlines orders 6 A220s


Croatia Airlines, based in Zagreb, is ordering 6 A220s in a push to unify their fleet to one aircraft type.
The airline currently operates Q400s, A319s, and one A320. With these aircraft, the airline mainly operates from Zagreb and Split to destinations across Europe. Additionally, it also operates a single route from Osijek to Munich as part of a W-route (Split to Munich to Osijek to Munich to Split).

Lately, it has been facing major competition from Ryanair which has rapidly expanded its footprint in Zagreb, leading to significant competition on a major part of the routes.
As a result, Croatia Airlines has been trying to diversify its offering away from Zagreb, for example by exploring new opportunities from Split.

Now, the airline will also try to cut costs by only operating a single aircraft type, the A220-300. This aircraft is the perfect fit for them, as it offers low operating costs, high environmental friendliness, and lots of passenger comfort, for example, due to its wide seats, big windows, and quiet engines. It also comes in the right size for Croatia Airlines’ highly seasonal business and is still of a size that can be filled during the winter months with less demand.


The A220s are a result of two order conversions. A set of A319s ordered years ago was initially converted to an A320neo order which turned out to be too big of an aircraft for the environment the airline has found itself in recently. Thus, it now decided to convert that order to A220s, which also allowed it to keep the $10 Million it already paid in advance for the A320neo. Boeing and Embraer were also in talks with Croatia Airlines. Croatia Airlines expects to complete the fleet overhaul by 2026.



Livery request đź‘€

I would, but now it’s only allowed if a painted aircraft exists, and not in advance, sadly.


True fair enough

Yeah, I of course had to get many requests rejected before I got it, so I learned it the painful way xD

Very interesting

Very interesting and exciting indeed :D Those A220 operators have been coming out of nowhere recently

St. John’s. That’s interesting to see and I wonder if they will operate that Transatlantic route!

It was probably just the biggest town they can still reach from Zagreb so they put it there to fill the map. Most of those cities listed don’t make sense for Croatia Airlines to serve.

Holy W by Croatia

Major L Croatia

Just out of curiosity: Why do you think so?

Im from Serbia (Croatia neighbor) and im very glad Croatia Airlines is ordering my favourite aircraft the allmighty A220. I will be able to fly in Balkan on a from Balkan A220. Kinda sad it will be 2026 but still very nice.


Not necessarily. From what I understand, the whole fleet will be turned to A220s by 2026. I am sure the first A220s will arrive before that though

Oh nice then, but im sure it wont be earlier than 2024. Cause Airbus needs to make them, paint them and all the other stuff. (Did i get it right? Are they ordering the brand new A220s or used?)

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I saw A220 and I knew you posted this 🥱

The only already built A220s, that aren’t used, are by GTLK (Russian state-owned lessor) and those are stuck in Maastricht and I am sure Croatia Airlines wouldn’t want to touch those anyway. The A220 doesn’t have too much of a backlog though, and some gaps in the production such as Azimuth Airlines or Air Vanuatu have appeared. Thus it may be that they will receive them sooner than expected.
I for my part expect the end of 2023 or the first half of 2024.


Yea, makes sense. I expect that time too if its used. Flown on Croatia Airlines 4 or 5 times before. Nice airline. I hooe with A220 they will ad a couple of destinations cause tbh they dont have that much right now

Yeah, Ryanair has really hit them hard and forced them to withdraw from a number of destinations. They are also debt-stricken, so restructuring is of the essence. I hope that they can reemerge to their old glory with the help of a streamlined fleet and company.


The plane is just ugly to me