Croatia Airlines A319 (new livery)

Hello community today I’ll bring this to your attention it’s the new and refreshed livery of Croatia airlines it is not very different from the current one (old) that we already have in game but I personally I really like this one as it looks much fresher and cleaner than the old one would love to hear if you guys agree with me

little info about Croatia airlines
Croatia Airlines Ltd. is the state-owned flag carrier airline of Croatia. Its headquarters are in Buzin near Zagreb and operates domestic and international services mainly to European destinations. Its main hub is Zagreb International Airport with focus cities being Dubrovnik, Split, and Zadar.

Fleet size: 14

Photo credit Šime Lugarov

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That’s a cool livery!

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It is right ☺️

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Bump after quite some time! Its much better than the one we have In game

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I’d rather wait for the new one they want to announce with the A220


They’re getting their A220s in 2026.

I would vote but since Croatia airlines is soon going to retire the a319 fleet and replace with a220s ill save my vote and use it for their a220

But still, even if they get it sooner it would take some time for all the A319s, A320s and dash 8s to be removed

Yea, I understand completely, I’ll probably vote for Croatia A220 too

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Pretty sure you mixed up some numbers. As far as i know, the first ones, from the first batch of six, are expected in Q1 2024, with the latter batch expected either from or until 2026.

Yea I probably heard about that one in 2026