Very mad and frustrated with my self bc whenever i fly the CRJ on takeoff it always goes left and like slants down when i’m trying to take off. Anyone know a method on take off to keep the plane straight. plus i had a 18 knot cross which i used correct rudder adjustment for the take off. And i watched the tutorials and everything for all the CRJ’s.

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Have you tried to takeoff in solo mode with wind off?

If you have same issue with no wind conditions you should try to reset your controls in “controls” by going to settings section.

yes and the CRJ’s don’t seem to work for me.

Just use the rudder. Winds will usually affect any aircraft’s takeoff

I’m trying to learn to fly them bc their an interesting bird

Hey, have you tried using the rudder during takeoff? It helps making the Aircraft striaight during takeoff.

yes. i tired everything really and the aircraft just goes left

Maybe this can help you?

Just use the rudder to keep you on the center line

I been trying that then it goes left everytime with rudder

Ok ill try that

Do you have this problem only with CRJ?

yes only with the CRJ

Hmm…that strange… Maybe something wrong with your cargo? Have you checked balancing for fuel & cargo?

Can you record a video of what is happening so we can see? That would help in diagnosing the issue!

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yea. i usually have a full pre briefing and everything. I prob plan everything for my flights.

i can send a video in a little while until i land the CRJ i’m flying now.

Do you have “Auto-Coordination” enabled in your settings?

yes i do have it enabled

Then I recommend you to turn it off. Watch the video below to understand what I mean. It’s a video that DeerCrusher (one of the mods) uploaded some time ago.