CRJs, Dreamliners, and embraers (a collection of pics from IF)

Hey guys :),
So, after a series of crazy and unfortunate events, I am back on IF on a more regular basis. I’m finding that playing IF helps me get through a trying time and I’m able to get more things done around the house (all that is for another post though ). Anyway onto the pictures :)
The pictures in this post all come from a variety of departure airports : EGLC, EHAM, KATL, CYYZ, and EDDF. I only remember three of their arrival airports: EDDL, EGNJ, and KTYS. The aircraft in these pictures include two bombardier CRJ900s (also nicknamed as the planes that are stubborn to land), two embraers (my all time favorite), and last but certainly not least… one boeing 787 dreamliner when I felt like doing a long haul last week :) .
Enjoy the pictures :)


Great photos, but remember only 10.

That one was an accident. I saw it uploaded 11 pictures and I couldn’t unclick the extra one after 😂

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