CRJ900 cockpit view freezing

Hello, i run IF on a galaxy S2 tablet… fully framed out, however cockpit view on the CRJ900 freezing…Can you help…Colin Sutherland

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What does Fully Framed Out mean?
What are your graphics settings?
Does it only freeze on the 900 or does it do it on other planes?
Does it do it in solo mode?
Does it happen every time or just from time to time?


Sorry for the late reply. Only on the 900 it freezes, all the time

Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall?

Runs fine on iPad Pro. Maybe delete and reinstall? Great aircraft

It doesn’t only freeze on CRJ9 it freezes for every aircraft I use

I don’t really care about the freezing though

hey Chris, just reinstalled and it works. Many thanks…

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Great, glad that worked. Probably something got corrupted and the plane needed to be re-downloaded.

Good Morning Chris… Now all cockpit views are freezing still ( no movement )…anyone else experiencing the same problem…i live in Vancouver, Canada my Wi-Fi is very strong no lags ever on all my devices android phone Samsung note8, tablet s2 9.5inch, my jetline pc for xplane and fsx…can someone use a tab s2 at your department to see if the freezing problem is happening. Regards, Colin Sutherland

What are your graphics settings?

Chris…my rendering is high, resolution on high, anti-aliasing on, and frame rate for battery life ticked…

Try turning off anti alias and see.

Chris…I turned anti-alias off no luck, so i uninstalled xplane mobile, and all cockpit views work now, seems it was a storage issue on my end…thank you, and please keep up the great works your team continue to do…


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