CRJ700 Replay Issue

When using the CRJ700 is solo mode, then open and close the doors or windscreen wipers. Then use the replay mode - it doesn’t show the doors opening or closing, just staying in the exact same state of closed.

Infinite Flight Version: 18.2
Device: iPad 2017
iOS Version: 11.2.1

Is that the same for other aircraft with animated features such as doors? It’s worth checking the MD11, it will give an indication as to whether it’s a big or it was intentional

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I’m currently at school and can’t check that.
But I think it is accidental.

I actually remember having a very similar issue with the engine startup animation, but never thought anything of it. Consisted of starting the engines, going into replay to find the engines already running.
This was on every one of my numerous devices, not going to list them all 😉

Same things happens in FSX, the AC, fuel pumps, etc are still there.

I experienced the same thing lol… I have a very nice picture of passengers deboarding while the wheels touch… hahaha.

This issue happens with me with the CRJ and other planes with action features as well.

I think that whenever you go into replay mode the action feature is in the same state as it was just before you clicked the replay button.

This also happens when you turn on and off the engines.

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There’s also the issue (not just CRJ) where airspeed reading does not work on the replay mode.