CRJ700 Mach Loop CANCELLED @ EGNH/EGNO - 262000ZMAY18

Server: Casual

Region: Lancashire/Lake District, England

Airport: EGNH/EGNO

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: Only to be conducted on The Casual Server as ghostings on Expert Server may occur. I am not liable for any violations/ghostings that may take place during the event.

Hello! Due to the recent release of the CRJ700 I thought it’d be a nice idea to test the aircraft out in some low level flying, this will be conducted in the Lake District, obviously below 250KTS due to the restrictions in place.

All aircraft will spawn in at either EGNO (Warton) or EGNH (Blackpool), then we will head North and join the Lake District, then we will return.

All aircraft are requested to hold at Morcambe Bay at there given altitude until there given time, this will reduce congestion in the Lakes.

Participants (17 Places-*HOLD TIME//HOLD ALTITUDE//CALLSIGN*)

-1915Z//2000ft// @MaksimFerguson
-1915Z//3000ft// @morgan99
-1920Z//4000ft// @ZZ9
-1920Z//5000ft// @David_Beckett (F-22)



Thanks :)

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Mach loop is part of a low flying area in Wales, the low flying areas in the lake District is simply called " Lake District".

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Yeah XD I was looking for some charts and they all came up with Welsh town names, knew there was something going on. Thanks for clarifying :)

Interested in the event???

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Yeah count me in!!!

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Heck it. Why not? Specific livery in mind? I’m assuming British Airways since we’re in the UK.

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Nope any livery is allowed :)

Rgr, Hold Time-1920Z, 4000ft hold above Morcambe Bay :)

Rgr, Hold Time-1915Z, 3000ft hold above Morcambe Bay :)

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Proper name for low level flying area in the Lake District is LFA17. The Mach Loop is part of LFA7.

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Cheers for that, see you there

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Thanks, I might just leave it as it is, as LFA17 might not relate to as many people, are you interested in the event?


I am interested. A lot of my experience in IF is with flying at low level. I am quite familiar with both LFA7 (Wales) and LFA17 (Lake District), as well as LFA20(T) (Southern Scotland). If I am able to attend (hopefully I can) then I will either fly a CRJ with everyone else, or I’ll provide an escort in an F-22, which I am more familiar with.

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Please, for heaven sake do this on the Casual server. It’s completely unrealistic and you’ll risk violations and stuff. It sounds fun but this is exactly what casual is for…


To be fair, it’s not like the TS is much more realistic, if anything TS is well known for being chaotic in its self, however maybe I will change it over to CS :)

Rgr, Hold Time-1920Z, 5000ft hold above Morcambe Bay :)

And you can use the F22 :)

C’mon Forum minions! Let’s see some more names on the Event :)

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If there aren’t any more attendees by the 25th May, then I will have to Cancel the event…

Looks like we will have to call of the event tomorrow due to lack of attendees, sorry.

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