CRJ2 landing

So, after I was trying to land the CRJ2 a lot I made a smooth landing. And I saw that the touchdown speed must to be 110-115, if it will be faster the plane will turn and you will get out of the RWY. Am I right?

I do not know much about what you’re talking about but are you referring to turning in the ground or in the air? I’ll try to explain your question anyways.

If on ground: IF recently made a feature in which the rudder isn’t so responsive at high speeds, this may seem ridiculous but it’s trying to imitate real life as I am sure a rudder won’t work that well at those speeds. It is better to simply line up as properly as can be so you don’t have correct as much when you land.

If in the air: the faster the plane is going the quicker it will respond BUT you won’t have as much control, I rarely use the recommended landing speed to butter as I land in my own secret speeds (SHH don’t tell anybody). The slower the plane is the more precise your movements are. The key to landing smoothly is to know your plane well and know how to respond when things happen.

Hope this helped! Cheers!


I dont think it wil veer off the runway.
Just keep a nose down angle when landing.
Flare just before touchdown:)

If it’s about in the air.
What your saying is doesn’t sound right to me. The speed should not determine whether you veer in midair.Infact.I don’t use 110-115 knots.Key to buttering is coming up with a good custom method and reacting properly(works for me:)).I have my own ways for landing in all aircraft.😉
@Avgeekproductions I can relate to you
If it’s about the ground.You should not be goin all over the place unless you’re using the rudder a lot or if you are overcorecting
On the ground the speed doesn’t really play any role of you veering all over the place.If you are goin all over the place us the rudder.
Just try to centerline and you should be fine.

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