CRJ2 going left

Hello, every time I’m trying to land with the CRJ2 it’s going left… Even when I was slow and no wind… What can I do?

Steer right…?


And watch these:

No idea if a -200 one will be coming out


I also when using CRJ-1000 on takeoff at WIII, I think initially it will run smoothly but when increasing speed on the basis of my plane Turn left too … I try with rudder

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Is the aircraft weight balanced?

Yes… I had 88% load

It could be strong winds and during takeoff planes are known to veer left for some reason, even in the real world. So may be use some right rudder.

I also have the same problem on takeoff with the plane tilting left slightly. Sometimes when the front gear lifts on the ground it snaps to the right as if there were strong winds when there is none. I try and use rudder to correct it.

I also had this issue on takeoff and landing, I don’t know what causes it, it’s only happened once though, so I don’t know if it’s airport specific or a random bug that occupies randomly, if you can what airport were you landing at? I can see if the issue happened there for me

I had the same issue, but used a runway with winds in your favor. Maybe trying 28L in KSFO to see? (That is what I was recommended.) :)

@rubinedan Are you positive there were no winds?
You’ll probably have to use the rudder to keep the airplane on the centerline. (Use the slider underneath the buttons for the gear, flaps, etc.)

Happened to me in vitbesk airport (Belarus)

When I used the rudder the right wing touched the RWY

So you have to be very gentle with your rudder movements, don’t jerk the rudder too much. Otherwise your plane might tip over onto the wing like you said.
Also, try to tilt your device to keep the airplane level while you use the rudder. If you’re getting hit by winds, and your airplane is leaning to the right, tilt your device to the left to keep the aircraft level, while using the rudder to point it the nose in the right direction.
You might have to un-check auto-coordination in the Settings menu for this to work:

And again, make sure your movements with the rudder are slow and not jerky.

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😂 Good one @MishaCamp !

Didn’t think of that method!

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Recalibrate, or like someone else said, steer right haha.

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